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This Weeks Prayer List


  • Leaders, workers, growth of kids


  • Sue R. & helpers – Children’s Church
  • Nancy P. & helpers – Jr. Church


  • For Carolyn P.:  hospitalized with a possible kidney infection
  • Eric H.:  for total healing for Paul R.
  • For Eric H.: For God’s healing and direction for doctors
  • MaryEllen H.: For Karen M. health concerns and Ann M. undiagnosed illness
  • Katie B.: For Allen’s knee surgery to go well on July 28


  • Glenda T.:  Josh’s spiritual life
  • Eric H:  for Christians to be burdened for souls; for the unborn being murdered through abortion; children being abused by governments
  • Eric H.:  God’s continued mercy on America
  • Safety for all military personnel and our nation’s police officers
  • Glenda T.: For niece Trisha’s & family’s spiritual needs
  • Ruth H.: for God’s protection for our President
  • Don L.: Protection for believers in North and South Korea
  • Don L.: That the lives of believers would bring honor to the name of Christ and that His name would be not be evil spoken of on our account
  • Don L.:  prayer for both our Vice-President and Secretary Of Education
  • MaryEllen H.: For Tim B. decisions
  • Kathy M.: For Brandon M.


  • Praise for Pastor Kevin and Sharon’s faithfulness in ministry
  • Glenda T.: Praise for a nice visit with Josh
  • Katie B.: Praise that Hannah had a good report from the doctor


  • Pat M.
  • Ruth H.


  • Don L.:  salvation of my sister
  • Rachel & Paul R.:  The salvation and sanctification of all the children of the church
  • Glenda T.: Marie and her family and Gary’s children: Myndi, Nick, Ambria
  • Paul B.: Spiritual growth and true salvation for several family members as well as any in our congregation


  • Alice Blain – Attendance                                                              Cindy Brown & Paul Brown – Pre-K & K
  • Mary Alberts – Associate Superintendent                                Debi Lyszewski & Lisa Logel – Grades 1-3
  • Frank Williams – Superintendent                                              Rick & Melissa Dawson – Grades 4-5
  • Ann Williams – Nursery                                                               Mike Schmidt – Grades 6-8
  • Jim & Nancy Walker – Toddlers                                                  Bill Alberts – High School


Rev. Andy and Jin Yong: Church Plant-Washington State

Thanking God:
For God’s allowing the approval of my religious worker’s visa!
For His healing of a skin problem that had made me very itchy for two months.
For the opportunity to introduce our mission work to new contacts.
For a wonderful and refreshing time with my parents from Korea. They came to celebrate the birthday of our youngest son, John.
Please Pray:
That the Lord would change the hearts of the Korean-American community to become “poor in spirit,” so that they may be open to the gospel and realize their need for a Savior.
For this ministry. Specifically for me as I seek to minister and by God’s grace, build a well-balanced Korean-English ministry.
For my wife, Jin, that God would grant her strength and patience to manage many roles: pastor’s wife, mother of small boys, church planting support, etc.
That God would send faithful families to form a solid core group for this church plant.