Treasures of Faith: Living Boldly in View of God’s Promises (Paperback)

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The “cloud of witnesses” in Hebrews 11 saw in God’s promise a reality beyond what meets the physical eye. Their hope for a better tomorrow enabled them to endure hardship and live bold, sacrificial lives in their day. Like them, Chuck and Sharon Betters have, through their own sadness and loss, learned to let go of attachments to this life and, in faith, serve God in a broken world.  With passion and insight they share their vision with us.   This is an excellent book for personal or group study.

Included in Each Chapter:

  • Faith Principle from the Biblical Character’s Life
  • Real Life Story That Reinforces the Principle
  • In Depth Study of the Biblical Ancestor, i.e. Abraham, Isaac, Rahab, Joseph, etc.
  • Digging Deeper Study Questions Designed to help the reader apply the biblical principles to every day life.