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This Weeks Prayer List


1st Petition: Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.
We acknowledge that we are not equals with God, but that he is far above us in majesty and glory, that he does whatever he pleases.

We acknowledge that of ourselves we have no ability or inclination to honor God as he should be honored.

2nd Petition: Your Kingdom come
For the Salvation of God’s Elect:
Glenda T.: Salvation for Gary’s family and the rest of Glenda’s

For all the children of the Congregation:
Sunday School
Children’s Church
AWANA and Youth Group

For Bible colleges and seminaries in preparing upcoming pastors:
WRS students and faculty
GPTS students and faculty

For the power and blessing of the HS to attend the preaching of the Word.

For Missions:
Rev. Doug and Leah Leaman

Thanking God:
The house that we found to rent is close to the property.
The privilege of serving churches, pastors and leaders on the property in Aldeia.
The legal documents that are almost completed and for men who have volunteered to be part of the non-profit
organization in Brazil called Project Soli Deo Gloria.

Please Pray:
Health and energy to get the project finalized and finally legally functioning.
A good team of wise pastors and elders for the ministerial support of the project.
A wise and hard-working caretaker for the property.

3rd Petition: Your will be done
That we bow to the will of God and submit to his providence.
Help us to regulate our thoughts and words according to the word of God.

MaryEllen H.: praise that Josh got a job in SC
MaryEllen H.: praise for Ann M. – healing
Matt & Alyssa H.: Visas have been approved! All looks good for a scheduled departure for Indonesia on 10/29.
Christian Fellowship

4th Petition: Give us this day our daily bread
Health and strength:
Ann W.: Jack S. he is terminal and needs salvation
Ann W. Courtney M. – having a difficulty pregnancy
Ruth H.: for WM as she waits for test results from Roswell and she accepts Christ in her heart
Wanda K.: for repair and complete healing of torn meniscus and fractured knee
Glenda T.: comfort for a family in Zambia, Africa after murder of young son. He was a believer but they aren’t. It is hard on the ministry there.
Glenda T.: for Winnie F. – she is having some physical struggles
Glenda T.: for Andy C. – ongoing battle with cancer & chemo
Glenda T.: to totally stabilize from diabetic retinopathy
Sue D.: for Brooke – bone cancer; having surgery and they have to try to reconstruct her knee
Sue D.: for my sister, Char, in her continuing battle with colorectal cancer

Ruth H.

5th Petition: And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors
That God, in his mercy, not lay to our account the sins we commit daily.
That God will accept the satisfaction of Christ for our sins and look upon us as righteous in his sight.
That God would call back his own:
Josh L. – to make a spiritual turnaround

6th Petition: And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one
For discernment to detect Satan’s devices.
For strength to resist Satan’s attacks.




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