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This Weeks Prayer List

1st Petition: Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.
Praise him for his overruling providence that directs and disposes all things to his glory.

2nd Petition: Your Kingdom come
For the Salvation of God’s Elect:
Glenda T.: Salvation for Gary’s family and the rest of Glenda’s
Paul & Cindy B.: Salvation for Paul’s sister as well as two other siblings. Salvation for other extended family members as well.

For all the children of the Congregation:
Sunday School
Children’s Church
AWANA and Youth Group

For Bible colleges and seminaries in preparing upcoming pastors:
WRS students and faculty
GPTS students and faculty

For our church and denomination to remain faithful and not corrupted; always reforming.

For Missions:
Rev. Douglas and Priscilla Douma:
Sola—Appalachian Christian Retreat

Thanking God:
The generous support of the churches and our individual donors.
The peace and unity we have at our church.
His provision of time and resources for us to renovate our master bathroom.

Please Pray:
The many recent visitors to our church, that they may continue with regular attendance.
Our church beginning a children’s Sunday School class.
Our upcoming family vacation in March.
The hikers and volunteers who have already contacted us about coming to Sola this Spring.
Our upcoming Sola hike with supporters and friends on March 6th.

3rd Petition: Your will be done
That we bow to the will of God and submit to his providence.


Things To Be Thankful For:
Wisdom and power (Dan. 2:23)
Christian friends, church members and fellow believers (Rom. 1:8, 1 Cor. 1:4, Eph. 1:16, Phil. 1:3)

4th Petition: Give us this day our daily bread
Health and strength:
That the Lord would provide for those currently without work due to preventative measures (COVID)
To not fear but to have confidence in the Lord who is sovereign over all.
MaryEllen H.: for Dave’s sister, Linda, who has bladder cancer; will have 2nd surgery in March
Bill A.: health issues
Carolyn P.: my sister has breast cancer stage 2 metastatic (slow spreading type); she is getting radiation-please pray for healing and salvation
Carolyn P.: for my cousin, Sue, she is in her early 50s and has advanced Alzheimers; please pray for her husband, Dan, for strength to handle the situation and for the many decisions he faces for her care
Sue R.: for special needs children who are learning from home; please give patience and understanding to their parents
Liz R. – health



5th Petition: And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors
We rejoice that forgiveness comes from and through the free grace of God.
That God would call back his own:
Josh L.: to make a spiritual turnaround

6th Petition: And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one
We pray that we might learn humility, watchfulness, diligence to avoid falling into sin.














































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