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This Weeks Prayer List

1st Petition: Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.
Pray for help to esteem Him, His attributes, word, works (of creation, providence and redemption).

2nd Petition: Your Kingdom come
For the Salvation of God’s Elect:
Sue R.: salvation for Doug and his wife, Jackie
Allen B.: salvation for co-worker, Joseph V.
Ruth H.: salvation for Danny B. & family
Ruth H.: salvation for my friend, W.M.
Glenda T.: salvation for Gary’s family and the rest of Glenda’s
Glenda T.: salvation for Josh’s friend, Mike
Glenda T.: salvation of children
Paul & Cindy B.: salvation for our family members
Carolyn P.: salvation for my sister, Cathy, and her husband

For all the children of the Congregation

For Bible colleges and seminaries in preparing upcoming pastors:
WRS students and faculty
GPTS students and faculty

For the church to be furnished with God-given and God-equipped officers.

For the ordinances to be purely administered.

For Missions:
FOUNDATION: Bible Presbyterian Mission
The Waeber Family

Thanking God:
The encouragement of recalling Christ’s birth and the hope that our Lord does not leave us in our darkness.
A congregant’s continuing recovery from a shoulder replacement that has gone smoothly.

Please Pray:
Clarity of vision for the direction of our small congregation in the new year.
The resumption of our school-based ministries in January.
More visitors at our services and ministries.

3rd Petition: Your will be done
Pray for spiritual inclination towards his will.

Things To Be Thankful For:
Grace (1 Cor. 1:4)
Healing (Lk. 17:16)

4th Petition: Give us this day our daily bread
Health and strength:
Frank & Ann W.: our grandson-in-law, Greg M., had surgery on his hand; please pray for healing
Katie B.: continued healing for Hannah who is experiencing a flare-up with Crohn’s
Elizabeth M.: healing for my husband’s knee & health issues; strength to do his daily job without pain & fatigue
Elizabeth M.: guidance and direction for my husband, Steve, and I; a closer walk with God & a deeper, stronger faith in God each day for both of us; for a better running car & the funds to buy it; health & wellness for my parents
Sue R.: for Jim F., for healing after surgery on his kidney
Sue R.: for Stacy, healing for her foot and for spiritual growth
For helpers to step up for Children’s Church and the Nursery
Pam H.: please pray for healing
Matt & Katie H.: for our friend’s daughter, Raelyn- she is 7 years old and she is having neurologic issues that are causing her to not to be able to walk; her prognosis states that her condition will get worse as there is no treatment/cure. Please pray for healing and strength for her parents, Mark and Kristen.
Katie B.: for homeschooling and parenting
Gary & Glenda T.: our niece, Stacey G.; had an adrenal gland removed, please pray for healing
Wanda K.: health issue; please pray that the treatment would be effective, wisdom for the doctors
MaryEllen H.: grandson, Josh, renewing job search
MaryEllen H.: daughter & relationship with her son
Pray for complete healing for Damar Hamlin


5th Petition: And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors
We pray we would experience the assurance of forgiveness.
That God, in his mercy, not lay to our account the sins we commit daily.
That God would call back his own:
Josh L.: to make a spiritual turnaround

6th Petition: And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one
For grace to mortify our lusts.