Youth Group

During the summer sessions, the Trek and Journey groups combined to study Paul’s letter to the Colossians. A major theme of the studies is found in Chapter 2, where Paul exhorts us to continue to walk in Christ after the manner in which we have received Him – by faith. Students learned that the requirements of the “written code,” the law of God, were fulfilled in Christ, and that we are called to seek Christ, who is seated at the right hand of the Father. The class also looked at the benefits which believers enjoy as a result of Christ’s heavenly ministry on our behalf.

As the regular fall sessions began, Trek returned to regular AWANA curriculum studies. The Journey (High School) classes began a series on apologetics and worldview studies. The students have been considering the question, “Can humans be good apart from God?,” and have been learning about the essential elements of a worldview. Along the way, there was an “open forum” night during which everyone enjoyed pizza and other snacks as the class had the opportunity to consider topics of interest.

Girls’ Fellowship Group

The Girls’ Fellowship Group is currently on hiatus. Look for updates for future meetings.